Sunday, April 30, 2006

Principles of Truth

In simple ways of a simple mind,
If an outstretched hand I find,
I'll lend you a arm to grab,
If you promise to let go when you are done.

If still I see a leaning soul,
I'll let me be a supporting wall,
And bear your head and heart alike,
If you promise to try and stand upright.

Suppose then you want me to lean instead,
And fall beside you on my head,
Maybe I'll tip a little slant,
If you promise to take my weight.

If I should trip and fall,
Find you with me to break my fall,
I'll never let you fall again,
If you promise to let me help always.

If I believe in you further still,
And you have stayed all they way uphill,
Beyond all doubt you shall have my faith,
If you give all this enough reason to be.

Further in as you venture heart,
And treat it like a precious art,
You can have my thinking cap,
If you will let me take my time,

Deepest in, if you take the chance,
Effort alike, when we dance,
Life itself is yours to take,
If you will put your life in me.

If all that is above is true,
Even when I swap me with you,
Constant across your time steps and mine,
Trust each other, we shall, finally.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Hi allll

Hellos People....
This is my new blog. It will basically have some of my poems and some beautiful pictures...
Plz keep visiting and do leave ur comments.